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It is our desire to be a change agent in our community, giving back and reaching those in need through a plethora of outlets. We believe that partnership is the key to creating sustainable change!

About The Foundation

The Keith Williams Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by Keith and Valerie Williams. We focus on youth development through advocacy, education and enrichment. Since 2022, the Keith Williams Foundation expects to serve thousands of children and their families by raising over $25 million to support various youth development programs, including the TYSHE Youth Centers of America and our Success Center. By providing educational and extracurricular activities, the Keith Williams Foundation seeks to change the trajectory for hundreds of young people from South Florida’s disenfranchised communities.

Keith and Valerie founded the Keith Williams Foundation in 2022 as a 501c3 Charity in good standing with the vision of assisting homeless families and families in need. We focus on supplying families with food, clothing, residents and various things needed for their lives. We support kids with scholarships to go to school and help kids stay in school. Keith Williams Foundation is dedicated to seeing all lives transformed to live a successful life. Our foundation is currently looking forward to having fundraisers as we look to assisting homeless families and needy families with all supplies needed for their life. Please think about becoming a Foundation partner as we seek to fulfill our goals.

Higher Learning Scholarship Fund

The Keith Williams Foundation Higher Education Scholarship Fund was launched with the idea that no child who is seeking academic excellence and higher education, should be denied the opportunity to do so because of lack of financial resources. When a child has fire for knowledge, that fire must be cultivated, nurtured and stocked continuosly. We cannot afford to have these lights go out. It is especially important that the fire inside of children from our communities of color is not snuffed out simply because of their zip code. It has been said that education is still the great equalizer, and while there are many systemic challenges that face our youth getting a quality education should be a hurdle they clear with ease.

In October of 2022 we kicked off our first KWF Higher Learning Scholarship Fund initiative! With the help of our wonderful partners and donors.

To learn more about how you can support the KWF Higher Learning Scholarship Fund please contact the Keith Williams Foundation at


We are seeking partners in


Education means so much to us. We are interested in partnering with programs focusing on after school mentoring, home work assistance, tutoring/ academic support.

Donation of basic essentials such as hygiene products, baby items, new clothing for youth and adults, household items, etc.

We are searching for organizations that teach imperative skills such as money management, budgeting, saving, investments, first time home ownership, and job training opportunities.

We are looking to offer college preparation, entrepreneurship opportunities, and success training courses.

Success Training Center

We are excited to announce the launch of the success center here in Deerfield Beach Florida for our Kids, Family and our community. We look forward to having you and your family here with us as we are dedicated to your success.

Click link below to register for the upcoming class.

Community Food Giveaway

Sponsor our Kids Donation Products

Support our kids and families with a $10.00 donation for our foundation products

Enjoy this 11oz coffee mug with a $10.00 dollar donation and you will help support kids and families

With a $10.00 dollar donation you will assist us with helping kids and families 

This great hand bag is a great product for a $10.00 donation you will be assisting us help families and kids.

Sponsor A Kid Capital Campaign

Areas of Focus

The Keith Williams Foundation recognizes these three areas as pillars of the Foundation

Family Provisions

To curate a safe place of stability for families and children in our communities. We do this by providing food and places for peaceful living.


Providing Academic success and opportunities for successful living.

Success Center

Assisting at-risk youth and young adults achieve success and self-sufficiency.

our Philosophy

The Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

To create a world where every child has access to quality education and a nurturing environment, empowering them to reach their full potential and become change-makers in their communities.

Mission Statement

Our foundation is dedicated to improving educational opportunities for underprivileged children by providing access to quality education, resources, and a supportive environment. We aim to foster a love for learning, develop essential life skills, and empower children to become active participants in shaping a better future. Through strategic partnerships, innovative programs, and advocacy, we strive to break the cycle of poverty and create a lasting impact on individuals and communities.

Keith Williams Foundation

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